Dental Check-Up

Dental Check-up in Hadleigh? Let us help you.

Everyone wants a nice smile, and dental check-ups are crucial to achieving this. Book a dental check-up with us and we’ll keep you in great oral health.

Your teeth may well be in good shape right now. And if so getting into the habit of visiting the dentist will confirm that. If you are healthy, regular dental check-ups will help you stay that way.

Even if we do find a problem, it means we can address it quickly. It’s always best to catch things early, as opposed to treating more advanced problems later on.

What is a Dental Check-up?

During a dental check-up, your mouth, teeth and gums will be examined to give an idea of your level of oral hygiene. If something is wrong, this gives us a chance to identify it.

Dental check-ups are important for everyone, but some people require less frequent check-ups than others. It’s best to ask your dentist how often you need to be seen.

What's involved with a Dental Check-up

During your  dental check-up,  your dentist will do a few basic things:

At certain times your dentist may perform an x-ray. This will allow us to find hidden oral problems such as the loss of bone as a result of gum disease. It’s not a pleasant thought but you’ll be pleased to hear that, during the check-up, your dentist also searches for signs of mouth cancers  and other diseases.

Your dentist will also spot any build-up of plaque. This will sometimes be dealt with straight away during the dental check-up, or may be handled during a later session with a dental hygienist. Hygienist treatments are sometimes arranged at the same time as dental check-ups.

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We Remain Open

In light of the latest government announcement on the 4th January 2021, we will remain open during lockdown 3.0.

Our patient and staff safety is of the highest importance to us. We continue to follow strict protocols within the practice using the correct PPE.

If you have an appointment already booked, please attend as normal unless you or someone in your household is experiencing any Covid 19 symptoms, then please call us to rearrange.

If you have any urgent questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team who are always happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.